Wish List and Nursery fund

Saturday 19 October 2019

Wish List

We have a  ‘wish list‘ board in Nursery (near the signing in sheets on the red display board) where we will add post-it notes with items on that we are hoping to collect. These might range from free things that you have at home already (such as recycling materials and magazines) or could be small items that we would like to use to enhance our provision (such as pound shop items, baking ingredients or topical items like pumpkins or Christmas decorations).  If you are able to help contribute or have an item at home, please remove the post it note from the wish list and bring in the item as soon as you can.  We really appreciate all donations, however big or small!

Nursery Fund

If you wish to contribute, but would prefer to donate loose change instead, we have a money box next to the signing in sheet. These donations really help us out when it’s time to buy little extras to enable us to follow children’s interests each week.  Last week, we bought some little owls and new owl books to go with the children’s current interest in owls.