Worms and minibeasts

Thursday 17 May 2018

Week 5 – Worms and minibeasts

Children enjoyed hunting for minibeasts at the beginning of the week. Some children chose to use the clipboards to write down what they found. Their lists included slugs, snails, spiders, worms and butterflies. Whilst searching for caterpillars on some leaves, we found a group of tiny eggs and little insects. We used the digital microscope to look at them closely; we think that they were ladybird eggs and ladybird larvae.

We’ve enjoyed learning all about worms. On Monday, Miss Backhouse and her group of helpers went outside to create a wormery.  First, they collected leaves, sand and soil and put them into a tank in layers. The next part was the most fun: they went digging for worms!  In group times, we read ‘Superworm’ and we compared the length of toy worms.  Children put the worms in order of length and measured them using Numicon pegs. We talked about which worm was the longest and shortest.

At the end of the week, we had a special ‘wedding’ lunch menu and we began to talk about the Royal Wedding that will take place at the weekend.

Week 6 – What are we learning this week?

We’re sure that many children will watch or see photographs of the Royal wedding this weekend and that some of you may even be going to a party to celebrate.  On Monday 21st May, we’re going to have a mini wedding celebration in nursery. Children are invited to wear RED, WHITE or BLUE clothes.  We’ll watch some video footage of the wedding and see what the children are interested in learning more about… castles, weddings, kings and queens?

Keep encouraging your child to hear the initial sounds in words by playing eye-spy games. This week’s letter sound will be ‘Cc’ for castles, cakes and crowns! Listen to the Jolly Phonics ‘c’ song and sing a long at home.

What can you find around your house that begins with c?