Wow words of the week

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Each week in reading, we have a session devoted to learning new vocabulary.  This week, our three focus words are conquer, invasion and surrender as we have come across them in our reading.

At home, talk about the answers to the questions – there’s no right or wrong answer!

After an interesting discussion around similarities and differences, we realised that all three words could be linked together in one way or another. We came up with some fascinating stories including this one:

The aliens carried out their invasion of our planet. To conquer them, we battled until they finally decided to surrender.

After that, we had an in depth discussion about how best to link our three words to the words below them.

Once again, we discovered that any combination could be plausible and we were able to offer some convincing arguments to support their opinions. For example, we agreed that surrender could be linked to flag because giving up is often referred to as waving a white flag.

Any new and interesting words we come across are increasingly used in our writing. That’s supporting us in making our writing more ambitious too. So, improving our understanding in reading is improving our writing!

At home, come up with three interesting words, maybe from your child’s current book, and have the same discussions.