Year 5 reading – Plastic Problem

Sunday 13 October 2019

This week, Year 5 have been reading about plastic and its effect on the ocean. We practised our retrieval skills by picking out some key information (see the underlined bits in the image below) and answering questions.

We thought about plastic and the wider problem and made posters using the information we’d found.

Then, we had a debate: ‘Should plastic be banned?’

Even though we all know there are lots of concerns with plastic at the moment, we were all able to put forward some arguments about how plastic can be used positively. Ask you child their thoughts. Do they think it should be banned or not? Can they give reasons for both sides of the argument?

Reading is all about enjoyment and engagement. It was great to hear stories of people discussing their learning in the playground and at home. One of us even went home and made a poster to encourage others to think about their use of plastic: