08 March 2024

Friday 08 March 2024

Our whole-school homework this week is:

Reading: please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis.

Number Fact Fluency: Use Numbots or Times Table Rock Stars in regular short bursts.

Talk Time

This week’s Talk Time task is:

I can try reading something different to what I normally read.

Variety is the spice of life! This applies to reading a variety of genres, too.

Often when reading, we return to familiar texts that we like and are comfortable with. Whilst this shows a great love of reading, it’s beneficial to read a variety of texts for lots of reasons.

The more we read different genres, the more confident readers we become. Reading different genres helps with our understanding of texts. For example, if you’re reading a fiction book, your brain may focus on characters, setting plot and theme. However, if it’s a non-fiction text, your brain focuses on text features and facts. Each genre has unique characteristics and exposes the reader to different vocabulary, photographs, illustrations and context.

Your task: take the time to pick up a different book (or other text) to what you would normally read and spend 15 minutes reading. Be ready to discuss your opinions or views with someone at home.

Some prompts might be:

What did you/didn’t you like?

Will you continue to read the book? Why/why not?

Have you learnt something you didn’t expect?

Can you spot any connections and notice similarities or differences to books/texts you have read before?