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Our typical week

Posted on 20 November 2017 by Mr Roundtree

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we’re always keen to hear your views, and we do act on feedback when we feel we can keep on getting better. Following the annual survey of parents / carers in the Summer Term, for example, we have doubled the length of sessions during the parents’ evenings – this is a direct result of what you told us.

More recently, parents were asked for feedback following our ‘Watch us while we work’ open morning. Those who came spoke with Miss Hague and were asked to fill in feedback forms. Parents said that they were impressed with the teaching and learning they had seen, and suggested that they would benefit from knowing more about the daily life of school so they could have conversations at home about the lessons that have take place on a particular day. We think that’s a great idea. Check out each teacher’s typical timetable for the week.

Please remember that there’s always lots going on in a primary school, so sometimes things change. This week is a themed week all about identity and community, plus there’s a production of Aladdin happening – the timetable will definitely not reflect this particular week!

Who do you think you are? Themed week 20 November

Posted on 19 November 2017 by Miss Hague

Our next whole school themed week, based around identity, diversity and community, will be taking place from Monday 20 November.  A variety of events and visitors are planned to help us deliver this key aspect of education.

Events during the week will include looking at our own identity including belonging, self-esteem, diversity of people around us including race, age, religion, disability and gender.

KS1 classes will be learning about and experiencing what it is like to attend ‘Elmete Elderberries’, a wonderful group that takes place weekly in St. Philip’s Church. The plan is to set up replica activities in the hall for the children to partake in. Members of the Elmete Elderberries will join us to help run the activities. KS2 will enjoy interactive ‘Zines’ workshops where they use media, maps and old photographs to create art that expresses the community that they live in. Members of Scholes in Bloom will be educating us all on just how they receive a gold award whilst educating us on their yearly calendar.

During the themed week, children will also be researching local, national and international charities and a new school charity will be chosen at the end of the week.

We’re really looking forward to our themed week!

Do you drive your children to school?

Posted on 18 November 2017 by Mr Roundtree

If so, have you considered walking? Or, if you have to drive, parking some way away and walking the last leg of the journey – it could be a perfect time to have some quality time with your child.

Sadly, a very small number of parents persist in driving right up to school and parking in a way which is at best discourteous, and at worst dangerous. That’s why we’re completely in support of a new initiative from the Road Safety Team at Leeds City Council.

In a bid to combat illegal and dangerous parking near to schools, the council has invested in a new parking enforcement vehicle. The vehicle uses camera/ video capacity to identify illegal, dangerous and inappropriate parking. Footage captured by the vehicle is verified by parking enforcement officers and where an offence has been committed fines will be issued.

This comes at a good time, as winter approaches, with its wet and icy conditions and the darker mornings and afternoons.

Walking / scooting / cycling all contribute towards children’s ‘60 active minutes’ – it’ll help improve children’s physical health. Evidence also shows that being active improves children’s attention levels and performance at school and fewer cars clogging up the roads may well have a positive impact on local air quality. (So, if you do drive and stop close to school, please switch your car engine off and not idle – this is to help improve the air our children breathe.)



Children in Need

Posted on 17 November 2017 by Miss Hague

A huge thank you to everyone for joining in the fun fund-raising. We managed to raise £353.78 for Children in Need.

What a great achievement!

Scholes Village Show Winners

Posted on 14 November 2017 by Mrs Latham

Well done to the children who were awarded prizes from the annual Scholes Village Show. It’s a highlight of the community calendar.

Prizes were awarded for handwriting, best painted pebble and most points collected.


Anti-bullying week All Different, All Equal

Posted on 13 November 2017 by Miss Hague

The theme this year is All Different, All Equal with the following key aim:

The idea is to help children and young people celebrate what makes them, and others, unique and help them understand why it’s important that every child feels included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying.

As part of their learning this week, children will discuss these aspects of bullying:

  • Our definition of bullying
  • Types of bullying – cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and belief, special educational need and disability
  • What to do if children experience  or witness bullying. The key message is to tell someone.

STOP can stand for two key messages:

  • the definition (Several Times On Purpose)
  • the solution (Start Telling Other People)

All classes have access to worry boxes where they can tell an adult any concerns about bullying or any other issues.

For further support, bullying resources can be found at…

Happy and healthy learning

Posted on 13 November 2017 by Mr Roundtree

How much exercise does your child have in one day?

We want all our children to be happy and healthy learners – and those three things (happiness, health and learning) are all closely linked.

Read more about how physical activity can really help happiness (impacting on anxiety and self-esteem, for example) and learning (having a positive effect on concentration and memory).

Applying for a Reception place for September 2018

Posted on 11 November 2017 by Mr Roundtree

If you have a child born between 01 September 2013 and 31 August 2014, you can now apply for your child’s Reception place to start school in September 2018.  You have until 15 January 2018 to complete your applications and should apply using the online system. You’ll be informed of your school offer via email on national offer day, Monday 16 April 2018.

Please see below links to the online system and our YouTube video explaining the application process.

Apply online here.

Watch a YouTube video to help here.

Read the Leeds City Council flyer – this has lots of Q&A to help you.

If you’d like any further guidance or help, please contact the Admissions team:

Yesterday, you 'watched us while we work'...

Posted on 09 November 2017 by Mr Roundtree

…thanks very much to you if you came along yesterday to the first of our ‘Watch us while we work’ sessions. This was a visit to school to get a flavour of what Reading, Writing and Maths teaching and learning is like in school, and hopefully to help you understand more about your child’s progress and how you can support at home.

Thanks for the feedback, too. Following the visits to classes, you had the opportunity to speak with Miss Hague about what you saw and to raise any questions and comments.

Here’s some of the feedback:

“Good to see children so engaged. Fast pace to the lesson. Supportive environment to encourage confidence. Very impressed with phonics.”

“Loved having an insight into the lessons and getting tips on how we can help and games we can do at home.”

“The fast pace of the lesson was good. Also, all children were engaged and knew expectations.”

“Really enjoyed seeing the Maths and times tables work, with the same numbers in 10s and 100s. Children were really keen to work.”

That’s great – thanks very much. Teachers will appreciate the comments.

We also appreciate constructive suggestions that will help you and your child. Here’s one that we’ll definitely act on:

It would be good to have “…a timetable to understand the daily life at school.” Agreed! We’ll publish a typical timetable for each class or phase on our website – sometimes times and subjects change, but we agree it would be useful for you to know a typical day to help you have a positive and reflective conversation with your child about the day they’ve had.

One parent thought it would be even better if they could have visited their own child’s class. There was an opportunity to do this at the recent Homework Review session. However, this can be very distracting for children, and affect the lessons – they would be much less typical of what goes on in school.

Again, thanks to all who came.

School Council

Posted on 07 November 2017 by Mrs Latham

The newly elected School Council have been given their badges by Miss Parling (School Council leader) and are proudly wearing them. They have also taken part in their first decision as elected members. They voted on the type of fundraising the school will do for Children in Need on 17 November. It will be a non-uniform day with a suggested donation of £1.