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Talk Time Homework

15 July 2022

Posted on 15 July 2022 by Nicky Russell

This final Talk Time of the academic year relates to your end-of-year report. I can talk with adults at home … Continue reading “15 July 2022”


15 July 2022

Posted on 15 July 2022 by Mrs Latham

Learn to spell and write your full name – including any middle names. Don’t forget a capital letter for each … Continue reading “15 July 2022”

24 June 2022

Posted on 24 June 2022 by Mr Catherall

This week, we’ve been learning how to spell words with unusual graphemes: que and gue. These words are tricky because … Continue reading “24 June 2022”

08 July 2022

Posted on 08 July 2022 by Mark Mills

This week, we would like you to practise a mixture of all the spelling patterns we’ve been learning this half term. … Continue reading “08 July 2022”