18 November 2022

Friday 18 November 2022

Living and Learning is the focus of this week’s Talk Time.

I know how to STOP bullying.

 Our school vision is to be a happy and healthy place to learn. School will not be a happy and healthy place if we don’t know how to stop bullying.

As it’s Anti-Bullying Week, this week’s Talk Time homework is about what bullying is and how to stop it. In fact, ‘STOP’ is an acronym that provides a clear definition of bullying:

Several Times On Purpose

Getting upset/angry in the heat of the moment or accidentally bumping into someone isn’t considered bullying – as long as it’s a one-off. An example of bullying would be someone saying on multiple occasions that you can’t join in with their game. As part of your discussions at home, ask your child to identify examples of what bullying does and doesn’t look like.

‘STOP’ not only tells us what bullying is, but also how to make it stop:

Start Telling Other People.

The sooner we all tell others, the sooner bullying can stop. As well as give examples of bullying, make sure your child knows people at home and at school who they would alert if they were aware of bullying.

Encourage your child to remember both: Several Times On Purpose and Start Telling Other People.

This week’s Remember 2s (R2s) are actions to take if you see, or are the victim of, an unpleasant behaviour: