1A-A lot of learning!

Friday 17 November 2023

We too have been following our excellent curriculum and learning about M

materials in Science. Here we identified different materials and discussed some of their properties.

Our rocks were closely inspected, organised and sorted into different groups. The children were really trying to grasp the concept of dull, shiny, rough and smooth.

Help at home- by sorting household objects by material (plastic, wood, metal, glass).

In Art, we were comparing and contrasting the work by Leonardo Di Vinci and Paul Klee. We also articulated our likes and dislikes about their work.

Leonardo’s work is more realistic- William

I like Paul Klee because his paintings are colourful-Mollie



Library- To encourage a love for reading, all of KS1 visit our school library on a Friday. Here are some book worms.

Help at home-by reading with your child daily. Ensure children read their homework ebook and write a comment in their reading records by each Friday. If your child comes home with extra word and sound cards please be diligent and help your child to learn them.

AUTHOR VISIT-We had a very exciting virtual visit with the author James Mayhew. We know him so well for his series of books based on his sister Katie.

James shared with us how he begun to draw and paint as a child and this developed into writing also. As we watched James he, cleverly, illustrated a picture whilst telling us a story. James allowed us to ask questions. We were impressed by the fact that he has had over 70 books published! He also writes about 2 books a year!

Finally, we have all enjoyed our non-uniform day to support Children In Need. KS1 have been happy in a sea of yellow, ears, spots and trainers. Thankyou for all of you donations for this incredible charity.