1A – Design Technology

Monday 13 November 2023

This afternoon Class 1A learnt how to make a banana sandwich. Before we started on the task, we discussed what we needed to do to keep safe and we discussed how to keep everything as hygienic as possible. The children knew that we needed to wash our hands to keep the germs at bay and we talked about how we should also tie long hair back and roll long sleeves up. After washing our hands thoroughly, we set off for The Hub. The children listened carefully as Mrs Brown demonstrated how to make a banana and cream cheese sandwich. Everyone followed the instructions well and practised good patience whilst waiting their turn for the equipment. Mrs Brown spotted everyone using their great DT skills of peeling, slicing, spreading and arranging. She was very proud of the class… and they were very proud of themselves too. One child even gave themselves 10 out of 10! Well done 1A!