3,4A Class News

Saturday 16 March 2024

This week, we have continued to rehearse for our production of ‘Gladis Baker, Gladiator’. We’ve been adding actions to the songs and props to the different scenes so it’s starting to come together! Your child should either have a script or song lyrics to take home with them – it would be greatly appreciated if you could help them to practise their parts/ the songs at home. The children have also been sent home with a slip for their costume.  Please don’t buy anything new – if you’re stuck, let us know!

In Science, we have continued our learning about light. So far, we’ve learnt about different light sources (natural vs artificial), how to protect ourselves from the sun, how light travels in straight lines and how some materials let light through whilst others don’t – transparent, translucent, opaque.

In Writing, we have started a new unit on writing a report about Scratch Jr. This links with our current topic – Computing. We’ve been learning about repetition and sequencing and have created our own programs on Scratch Jr by writing different algorithms for our sprites.

Help at home by asking your child about the vocabulary in bold above! Scratch Jr