A fantastic start to school!

Monday 17 September 2018

We have had an exciting few days welcoming everyone on their first few days of school!

We are very proud of how the Foundation 2 children have settled in and adapted to all the changes in their lives. They have been learning how to listen in larger groups, take turns and have formed new friendships and relationships with adults. Their independence and confidence is increasing on a daily basis!

They have been exploring all the new areas, activities, toys and resources in Foundation 2. We are following the children’s interests and adapting our provision accordingly. This has included pirates, dolls, cars and dinosaurs so far. Please let us know if your children have any particular interests that we can share at school too.

You can add to ‘our interests’ board any interests your child may have. We will use this information to plan for your child’s classroom environment. We love to read their favourite stories, so if they would like to bring in a book to share, they are more than welcome.