A happy and healthy place to learn…PE

Wednesday 15 November 2023

This year, we’ve thought a lot about how we teach PE at Scholes (Elmet) Primary School. We’ve re-designed our curriculum and really value how an effective, whole-school approach to our PE curriculum helps our school to be a happy and healthy place to learn.

As part of this, we worked alongside Foot-Tech. They’re an innovative sports coaching company that provide sessions across the city for children to develop their skills and develop a life-long love of sport and physical activity. We’re lucky to have worked with them over the last few months to improve our PE provision.

Recently, they came into school to work with our Early Years and KS1 teachers to deliver some valuable CPD about how to teach effective PE lessons.  Their purposeful, game-based approach to delivering PE matches our vision and they’ve helped us to develop our provision for Early Years and KS1.

We’re grateful for their support and hope you can check out their website for how to get your child involved in what they do.

Help at home by asking your child what they’re learning about in their PE lessons. What’re they enjoying? What skills are they learning? At the moment, all our children are developing their confidence, strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics.