All about shapes

Friday 09 March 2018

Week 3 – Round, straight, tall… All about shapes!

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend our World Book Day celebrations and for providing some very creative costumes!  It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying reading together. The children really enjoy it when you are able to join us in nursery.

This week, children have enjoyed exploring and talking about shapes. We’ve made shape pictures in the maths area, made repeating shape patterns with shape links in the fiddly fingers area and we’ve investigated printing with different shaped objects at the painting table.


What shape is the wheel?

Will it roll?

There was lots of communication, cooperation and problem solving in the Sunshine room on Friday as children worked out how to get the wheels to roll down the ramp without falling off.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed several children have a shared interest in the body and doctors. We’ve had conversations and lots of questions about what’s inside our bodies, we’ve talked about visits to the doctors/hospital and some children enjoyed reading ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ for World Book Day. As a result, we’ve decided to follow this interest further and have created a Doctors Surgery in nursery. Providing new role play opportunities is a great way to develop children’s social and communication skills. Doctors role play also helps to encourage empathy between children and it allows them to act out real life situations and be creative!

Week 4 – What are we learning this week?

As the role play area was only created on Friday, we’re sure that this area of nursery will be very busy! We’ll continue to learn about shapes and we’ll go on a shape hunt around school. We’ve also noticed that there are some signs of Spring in our nursery garden (when it’s not covered in snow!) so we’ll begin to talk about Spring time. We’ll continue to practise ‘robot talking’ words and will be learning about the letter letter ‘p’ (as well as the letters – s,a,t,d) in group times.