An exciting discovery…

Sunday 25 February 2018

Week 1 – An exciting discovery…

We had a very chilly start to the week! Thankfully, the engineers were able to get the parts they needed to fix our boiler as quickly as possible. When we returned to nursery on Wednesday, children made a very exciting discovery in our nursery garden. There appeared to be three egg-like objects that had appeared since Monday. After much discussion, the children decided they were eggs and that we needed to help them to hatch. We talked about what the eggs would need and children found things to keep them warm and safe. After a few days waiting, the eggs finally hatched on Friday (with some keen, small hands to help them!). It was great to see how excited the children were and it provoked many questions… What did dinosaur eggs look like? How big were they? What other animals come from eggs? Are these eggs real? What does extinct mean? 

We investigated the shape and size of dinosaur footprints by making ‘fossils’ in salt dough and drawing a life sized footprint of an Aptosaur. To find out just how big it was, we put ALL of our shoes inside it and counted them!

Week 2 – What are we learning this week?

This week, we’ll enjoy reading our favourite stories and we’ll celebrate World Book Day on Thursday. We hope to see lots of parents and carers in the morning to join us for our ‘Stay and Read’ session from 8.30-9.10. There will be different story-telling activities in nursery for you to take part in with your child, including re-telling the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, making gingerbread men in the playdough and mixing porridge for the Three Bears in our sensory area. Please remember children can dress up, but please help us by choosing characters that are not superheroes. As you can imagine, a nursery full of Spidermen and his friends can become quite lively!

We also have some very EGGciting news… We won’t share it with you just yet, but hopefully the children will tell you all about it this week.

In phonics, we are learning to hear the initial sounds in words. Silly Sidney Snake is introducing us to letter sounds using Jolly Phonics songs and actions. We have learnt ‘d‘ for dinosaur and ‘s‘ for Stegosaurus. This week, we’ll be learning about the letter ‘a‘. You can click on each link to hear the Jolly Phonics song and see a picture/video with the action that children will learn to associate with each sound. For example, ‘Sssss’ is a snake slithering through the grass.  At this point in nursery, children are learning to hear the sound and may begin to recognise the letter, rather than focussing on how to write the letters.