An owl adventure

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Today, Year 3 and 4 met both birds of prey and exotic creatures. This morning, all the children came face to face with three different owls and a Harris hawk. The children were very excited to take this opportunity to hold the smallest of the three owls – the burrowing owl.

All the children were extremely mature and handled the owls with great care and respect.

We were amazed to see the size of the brilliant eagle owl. The children gasped as it flew around the hall.

We all loved the barn owl! The children commented how much heavier it was compared to the small burrowing owl. Watch it fly…

The children loved seeing the Harris hawk. It was brilliant watching the Harris hawk catch its food in mid flight, as Ryan threw it up in the air. 

This afternoon, we met the exotic creatures. Meeting and holding the python was the most exciting part of the day for most. All the children were extremely brave and asked insightful questions to learn more about their favourite animal of the day.

We also met and held a leopard gecko, some cockroaches, and a giant frog.