Autumn treasure

Monday 24 September 2018

Autumn has definitely arrived. Lots of children have been out exploring this weekend are were keen to show us the Autumn treasure that they had collected. This generated a lot of discussion about the windy weather and conkers falling off trees.

We looked at some conkers that children had brought into Nursery and talked about the different shapes and sizes. Some of the conkers that Mrs Long had found were still in their cases. We looked closely at the shells and felt their prickles carefully.  Children were excited to see a crack down one of the shells; we carefully opened it and found not just one, but two shiny conkers inside!

The Autumn woodland small world area was popular today and the tractors were very busy collecting hay bales in the fields.  Some children tried to stack the hay bales in the trailer. It was quite tricky and took a lot of perseverance to stack them in a tall tower. It was even harder to stop them from falling off as the tractor moved across the bumpy field to the farm!

The Sunshine room was buzzing with excitement this morning. Children loved ordering and making pizzas in our new role play area.  They played together, taking turns to take orders and to make and cook the pizzas.  Some pizzas cost “5 dollars” and some were “2 pounds”. Children counted out the coins carefully as they paid.