Brrrrr! Exploring ice and frost

Friday 27 January 2023

We’ve had a few very cold mornings recently and children noticed the frost on their walk to Nursery and on the wooden beams in the playground. We talked about frost, snow and ice and had lots of conversations about where children thought it had come from.

The frost glistened in the sunshine and children enjoyed scratching it with their fingers and making patterns.

There was a lot of excitement as we hunted around the garden to find some ice and we talked a little bit about how ice forms. We found ice in the water tray, on the ground where a puddle had been and in the guttering. We loved trying to break the ice in different ways and wondered where it had gone later in the day. Some children noticed that it was sunny and we talked about ‘melting’.

Later, we collected different objects from around the garden and put them in some water. We left them over night and children were very excited to check them again in the morning to see if anything had happened.