Class 5/6A News

Friday 13 January 2023

A whirlwind week in Class 5/6A has seen us travel all around the world and beyond, plan to rob a train, and get to grips with multiplication.  Let’s take a closer look.

In Maths,  Year 5 have begun to look at multiplying four digit numbers by a one digit number.  Having a solid knowledge of times tables will be essential for our pupils to succeed with this learning.  How to help: Support your child’s learning by encouraging use of Times Tables Rockstars at home on a daily basis.  The Soundcheck option allows pupils to test all of their times table knowledge, or they can choose to focus on a particular number.

Our Writing focus has been on using speech to convey a character’s personality and advance the plot of a story.  The pupils have been using the short silent-film ‘Ruckus’, based on two thieves looking to rob a train to steal a jewel, to come up with a script to develop their skills in advancing the plot.  They then acted this out in front of the rest of the class.  I was really impressed with the quality of their dialogue, mix of colloquial expressions, and variety of ways to convey feeling.

In Topic we have looked at the effects of climate change on two separate parts of the world; Greenland and the Solomon Islands.  The concept of interdependence, and how events in one part of the world can affect another, was our focus, as the melting ice caps in Greenland, are contributing to the rising sea levels which puts island nations such as the Solomon Islands at risk.

During our circle time as part of Living and Learning, we have been continuing our discussions around understanding what a drug is, and providing strategies to handle peer pressure.  We had a very enthusiastic and thought-provoking discussion around how young people can be influenced by many different parties when it comes to drugs, and role-played being able to make good choices around our health.

Science saw us explore the planets within our solar system, and come up with memorable mnemonics to help us remember the order.  My personal favourite is My Very Elderly Mother Just Served Us Nachos (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

There’s just time to congratulate our certificate winners this week.

Great Learning – Gene.  Consistently showing a great attitude to learning, and excellent presentation.

P.E – Esme.  A real team player.  Gives 100% in each task, and wowed with her basketball dribbling.

Living and Learning – Bethenny.  Mature, composed and considerate, she is a valuable contributor to each of our group discussions.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Robson

P.S below are two incredible pieces of artwork by Esme Clarke in Year 5.  She has drawn some superb pictures of Wednesday and Tyler from the film “Wednesday”.