Class 5/6A News w/c 7th November

Friday 11 November 2022

And so we have reached the end of week 2 of this half-term.  Only 5 more school weeks until Christmas! (Is it too early to mention that word?)  Let’s look at what the class have been up to this week.

In Writing we have begun to plan a short narrative piece about an apocalyptic world.  Using a couple of videos as inspiration to help generate ideas and vocabulary, our pupils have been planning how they will set the scene for their narrative, describe their main character and give a brief insight into the plot.

Air resistance has been the focus of our Science work this week, as the pupils explored the effect of this force on different sized parachutes.   Using cupcake cases and string to make the parachutes, pupils recorded how long it took them to fall to the floor and drew the conclusion that larger parachutes took the longest because of the increased air resistance.

Year 5 pupils have been exploring one of William Wordsworth’s most famous poems in Reading this week, “Daffodils“.  Linking to our writing, we have been identifying how the use of similes, metaphors and personification helps to bring a piece of writing to life and make it engaging for the reader.  We have also practised some of our oracy skills by learning the poem by heart and reciting to the rest of the class.  I am really proud of the pupils’ efforts on this!

On Monday, the school will be recognising Anti Bullying Week through Odd Socks Day.

For this we ask all pupils to come to school wearing odd socks, to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!  When talking about bullying, Scholes Elmet Primary School defines this as follows:

Bullying is where you hurt someone, physically or emotionally (including online), several times on purpose.

What might bullying look like?

If any of these things happen several (lots of) times, it is bullying.

Hurting peoples’ feelings, for example, name calling, teasing, threatening, ignoring, leaving people out or spreading rumours
Hurting peoples’ bodies, for example, hitting, punching or kicking

Throughout the course of the week, we will be discussing what bullying is, and what we can do as individuals and as a school to prevent it.

Finally, let’s check out certificate winners for this week.

Great Learning – Louis M.  Has been on task across all subjects this week.  His planning work for his written narrative piece has made for great reading.  I can’t wait to see the final version!

Living and Learning – Ben.  Is always showing consideration to others in class.  Kind, polite and honest, Ben is always making the best possible choices.

P.E – Harry.  Has shown some super hockey skills this week with great stick control.  He throws himself with enthusiasm into every new task.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mr. Robson