Fab feedback #2!

Tuesday 12 December 2017

On 07 December, we published some feedback from our School Improvement Advisor. Since then, he has been in school again to review how well we’re doing in relation to the recommendations set out in the recent HMI follow-up visit.

We’re pleased, once again, with the great feedback we’ve received…

…discussion with pupils at this visit demonstrated their improved confidence in being able to talk about learning… The differences between the previous visit and now evidenced a remarkable shift in pupil confidence and ability to talk about learning. On this occasion, pupils were clear about the impact of tighter success criteria on their learning. Likewise, they were far more confident in their ability to talk about their responses to marking… and how this embeds learning. The pupils were equally well-informed in their understanding of how teachers are providing them with a series of lessons on the same concept and how this builds a clear learning journey.


…the maths subject leader in attendance at the meeting demonstrated a high degree of comprehension and perception in regard to effective approaches to maths teaching. This expertise and clarity of understanding will stand the school… in good stead for improving pupil mathematical knowledge and understanding.