03 November 2017

Sunday 05 November 2017

This week’s homework is Creative.

On Friday 10 November, we’d like everyone to come dressed as a character from our class novel – Rebecca’s World. The character descriptions (and see below) from the book will help with ideas. The children will also remember other details about the characters.

Costumes can be as simple or as adventurous as you like. Please don’t go to the expense of buying new things. Have fun with your child creating their chosen character’s outfit!

Captain K

He wore black boots and red tights. He had a long-sleeved T-shirt in the same colour red, and on his head was what looked like a tight-fitting balaclava. Over his eyes was a red mask, and over that a pair of spectacles. He would have looked quite smart except that all of the clothes seemed to be about three sizes too large for him. The tights and T-shirt were wrinkled and baggy. There were a few darns here and there which had been made with wool that didn’t exactly match.  In his belt was a stick about as long as half an arm.


He wore a long, black overcoat and a false moustache. It was obviously a false moustache as it slipped down at one side. He made a few quick movements with his hands across his face and suddenly he was wearing a black eye patch, a big red celluloid nose and a ginger wig. He started searching in his pockets. He carried an incredible assortment of things: bits of disguises, old nails, tubes of glue, string and much, much more.


Rebecca crashed into something large and soft and green. On the ground was the most miserable man she had ever seen. His mouth turned down at the corners, his forehead wrinkled in a frown and his eyes seemed on the verge of tears. He was wearing a raggy, shaggy, green fur coat with a matching hat. His feet were in boots and they had every foot ailment known to science; corns, callouses, verrucas, bunions, fallen arches, gout, ingrowing and outgrowing toenails.

Mister Glister

He was wearing the most spectacular suit Rebecca had ever seen. Every inch of it was covered in precious stones. They glittered and gleamed and dazzled. There was sparkling jewellery on his wrists and fingers and around his neck. He looked like a firework going off. He was very handsome with gleaming white teeth, suntanned skin and beautifully styled hair with flecks of silver.


One moment they looked as if they were made from green jelly, the next they seemed to be billows of oily smoke. You could almost see right through them. Their shape changed as they moved. First, they were toweringly tall then slinkingly short. Thin, then fat. They seemed to have neither arms nor legs but, despite this were moving at great speed. Rebecca thought she saw gaping red mouths and huge, sharp teeth.

The Scientist

Rebecca was surprised to see he was much shorter than her. He had sprouty hair that seemed to grow in different colours, a nose that was a bit like a chicken’s beak and a mouth like Poisson, who was Rebecca’s goldfish. He wore a white coat of the kind men in a chemist wear but it was much too long for him and he seemed in danger of tripping over it. He stared at Rebecca through spectacles that looked as if they had been made from the bottom of milk bottles.

In addition…

Lurk or Cringer – A smart suit

Rebecca – A frock