Getting to know each other

Friday 13 January 2023

We’ve enjoyed welcoming all of our new children to Nursery this week for their first sessions. It’s been lovely to see our older children helping to show them around and making new friends.

We listened to ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and re-told the story in the book corner using props. Children tried to remember some of the repeated phrases in the story. “Grandma, what big eyes/ears/teeth you have!”

In group time, we learnt about the number one. We showed one on our fingers, did one hop, one clap and one jump. We found a number one on a domino and looked at a unicycle with only one wheel. Have a look for ‘one’ in your house. You might see one handle on the door or one mirror on the wall. Can you find a numeral one on a house door or number plate?