Goodbye Lollipop Sue

Monday 13 May 2024

After 30 years of crossing children over the road, Sue has decided to hang up her lollipop and retire. The news comes with sadness but also with a huge sense of gratitude and understanding. Sue has braved all kinds of weather and increasingly busier roads morning and night, year in and year out. I could count on one hand the number of days she’s missed in all this time.
Sue has informed Leeds City Council (who actually employ her) and came to tell me the news a few weeks ago. Sue said she didn’t want too much fuss but I’ve assured her we can’t promise that!

Sue’s last day is Thursday 23 May. At school we’re going to have a special lunch and assembly for her.

We know that lots of you will want to say goodbye to Sue in your own way, but if you’d like to contribute to a collection we’re having at school, please either pop into the office with your donation or send it in with your child. Unfortunately, we can’t use the app for things like this.

Any donations will be used to buy Sue a gift which will be presented to her in assembly.

If donations could be in by Friday 17 May that would be helpful.