Homework review – thanks for attending

Sunday 25 November 2018

Thanks to all of you who came along to the Homework Review session last Thursday 22 November. Feedback was really positive:

In the 2018 annual survey of parents and carers, the vast majority supported our Homework Policy, although a small number had some concerns that it was not marked. Our Feedback Policy states:

Research shows that feedback which is as immediate as possible is recognised to be the most effective way to impact on children’s progress / attitudes. As a result, circulating to give verbal feedback on a one-to-one or small group level, and use of the visualiser on a whole-class level, will be used. Equally, we encourage parents / carers to provide similar feedback at home (including comments in the child’s Homework Books).

Peer assessment is a particularly appropriate way to provide feedback as it is a chance to share and celebrate learning.

We recognise the expectation from parents of at least a tick. However, staff should prioritise verbal feedback and peer reviews because of the above evidence. As a result, homework activities may not always be marked, but they will all have been reviewed and effort will be celebrated in some way.

Parents / carers who came to the Homework Review session will, we hope, have been reassured. Many of the comments afterwards suggest they were:

One parent commented the homework and review process would be better if there was somewhere for parents / carers to add their own comment eg on any difficulties their child encountered. As you can see from the extract from our Feedback Policy, above, we encourage parents / carers to provide feedback – we’ll do more to remind you of that… just adding a short note at the end of the page, regardless of what type of homework (Creative, Talk Time or Practice Makes Perfect), is really helpful. Thanks for that helpful prompt.

These open sessions in school are an important way to gain understanding and awareness of expectations so you can support your child at home and track their progress alongside school. Please do keep making every effort to attend – coming up are: