Living and Learning

Monday 24 April 2023

This week’s Living and Learning statement is ‘I recognise the importance of sleep’.

In our session, we talked about what sorts of things we can do in order to help us get to sleep on an evening. We also talked about how we might be able to get back to sleep, if we wake up in the night.

The children listened to a story of a girl who found it difficult to sleep on a night. They identified several reasons the girl was not able to sleep and linked this to their own lives. Many of the children said that they had realised some of the reasons they might wake up or have bad dreams are caused by the things they do before going to bed. We came up with a few ideas of how we could relax before bedtime and adjust our routines to get the perfect night’s sleep.

We made some posters to remind us of what to avoid before bedtime and what we can do to help us fall asleep. Here are some of the posters the children came up with.