Living and Learning

Friday 08 March 2024

This week’s whole school Living and Learning statement is, ‘I know that friends and family are important.’

Our in-class learning objective however, has been ‘I know when my friends are happy.’

This week, KS1 have been discussing how important it is to have relationships with people we can trust, whether that is friends or family. This is not only for our own happiness, but if something goes wrong it means we always have someone we can talk to. Somebody we can trust.

It is therefore important that we know when we are feeling happy and in turn, when others are feeling happy. This can give us the social skills we need to help ourselves and others.

There has never been a stronger focus on the health and wellbeing of our young children as there is today and we have an important and valuable part to play in this.’

In class, we watched a clip about Elmer the elephant, a story by David McKee. In the story, Elmer became sad as other Elephants did not understand her.

We used the words from the story and looked at Elmers’ body language, to recognise why she was feeling sad.

We then discussed how the other Elephants could help Elmer and make her happy again. Then we spoke about how this can link to our own lives and situations in school.

Finally, the children designed their own Elmer the Elephant, using ‘happy’ and vibrant colours.