Living and Learning – What makes a boy or a girl?

Monday 25 June 2018

Last week we talked about what attributes make a boy or girl. There were lots of stereotypical comments.

Girls have long hair but boys have short hair.

Boys play football and rugby but girls do dancing and gymnastics.

When we talked more about these comments the children were quick to give examples about girls with short hair or boys that dance.  When we looked through the comments and talked about them we found that the facts were about body parts and functions.

Girls can have babies when they grow up.

Girls and boys have different private parts.

Help at home by challenging gender stereotypes and encouraging children to think about the person, rather than protected characteristics. It is, “one of the easiest ways to create a culture free of prejudice, and support children to develop a true sense of self, by actively celebrate difference. This helps children to understand that no two people are the same, and in turn makes all children feel happier and more secure.”