Maths: adding two 2-digit numbers

Monday 09 January 2023

This week in Year 2 we are focussing our learning on adding two 2-digit numbers together. To start with, we are learning to add two 2-digit numbers together that are not across ten. After this, the focus will be on adding across a ten.

Step 1 – write out the equation.

Step 2 – draw base ten to illustrate how many tens and how many ones are present in each number. (Lines to represent 10s, circles or squares to represent 1s).

Step 3 – add the tens together.

Step 4 – add the ones together.

Step 5 – add the above together.

By breaking the addition down into small, manageable steps we are able to answer these difficult questions with ease.

Help at home: by practicing these skills at home with your children. Use blank sheets of paper and ask children to talk through and show you their working out.

Adding two 2-digit numbers (not across a 10) –

Adding two 2-digit numbers (across a ten)