Running, jumping and climbing!

Friday 02 February 2024

Children were really excited to be able to use our outside area again, as you’ll no doubt see from their faces!  They loved running, jumping and climbing up the wall to the slide.


In group time, we read ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and looked carefully at the patterns on the dinosaur illustrations. We created our own dinosaurs, adding horns, sharp teeth and some spikes. This helped us to practise our pencil control by drawing lines, circles and zig-zag patterns.

We also explored what happened when we put different objects on the balance scales. We talked about going to the park to play on a see-saw and what happens when someone sits at each end. Children are becoming much more confident using the words ‘heavy’ and ‘light’.

Next week’s learning: 

We will learn about the Lunar New Year and will find out about how some people celebrate this festival.

Nursery rhyme of the week –Jack and Jill went up the Hill

Sound of the week – ‘c’ for cat and ‘k’ for kite