Safer Internet Day

Thursday 08 February 2024

This week at school has been our online safety week and lots of our learning has linked to being safe online.

In reading, we enjoyed our reading fluency text called: 10 top tips for respect online.
On Tuesday, it was our ‘staying safe online’ day. One of our sessions that day was all about misinformation, disinformation and hoaxes and ensuring we are critical users of the internet.
The children were given different sources of information taken from web pages and summarised the information. Despite the websites having a padlock, https, and even one seemingly from the BBC website, the information, however, was all made up!
This is disinformation – information shared that isn’t true on purpose.
We learnt to make sure if we see something on the internet, that we check it on other websites/places to ensure the information is true.
If we share information that isn’t true, by accident, this is misinformation. 
Help at home: 
1. See if your child can remember the definitions above.
2. Ensure you monitor the websites your children visit and who they are interacting with online.
3. Check in regularly with your child about their online experience.
4. Set time limits on your child’s devices to ensure a healthy balance.
5. Ensure your child is safe online and being respectful, too.
Well done, Y5 and 6!