Science – working scientifically

Wednesday 29 March 2023

John McAdams has been our scientist of focus this half term in KS1. McAdams made the first macadamised road. The road he invented was smooth, durable and had good drainage. We did our own experiments to investigate which road surface was best for cars.

For the first experiment, we pushed a toy car down a ramp to measure how far it would travel. We did a comparative test where we kept everything the same but changed one thing. We kept the car the same, the ramp, the ramp height and the person pushing the car. We tested the car on 3 surfaces; concrete, laminate and carpet. We found that the concrete was the best surface because it was smooth and the car travelled the furthest. The carpet was the worst surface because it was rough and soft. The car did not travel very far on the carpet.

We also tested different road surfaces for drainage. The road surfaces were large stones, small pebbles, sand and flour. We tested 4 road surfaces without water to see how easily the car could travel across. We then poured water onto each surface to see which road had the best drainage. In both tests, the road surface made of small pebbles was the best because the it was the least bumpy and has the best drainage due to the small gaps between the pebbles.


One child wrote ‘The worst road surface was flour because it was bumpy. When we poured water on it was sticky and the car didn’t move.’

We have really enjoyed our Science topic this half term