Sorting, threading and making friends

Friday 30 September 2022

We’ve had a great week; there’s a lovely atmosphere in Nursery when everyone is busy and engaged in their play. Children are beginning to make friends and are chatting to staff and their peers as they play.

In our maths area, children have been exploring sorting objects in different ways. Some children sorted them by colour and others grouped them according to the size or type of object.

Have a go at sorting some toys together at home. How could you sort the cars or buttons?  

The ‘Fiddly fingers’ area of the Rainbow Room has been popular this week, too. Children have enjoyed making chains out of the linking shapes and carefully threading beads onto a lace. These activities are great for strengthening children’s fingers and developing their fine motor skills.

Outside, in the garden, children are beginning to notice some signs of autumn. They’ve been collecting conkers and talking about where they found them. Next week, we’ll be learning all about autumn. Look out a brown paper bag coming home with your child this week.

Please enjoy going on a walk together over the next few days and see what ‘autumn treasure’ you can find. When you’ve filled your bag, please return it to Nursery for us to share and talk about with our friends next week.

Here are a few other photos from our fun in the September sunshine. See if you can spot what we found jumping at the bottom of the garden!