Spring Term Learning

Tuesday 12 December 2017

‘What’s the matter?’ is our first mini-topic in the new year and is science-based. Children will learn about materials and their properties. We will explore what objects are made from and why, using One Snowy Night as a stimulus. We’ll be designing and making a waterproof shelter for an animal. You can help your child learn more about this topic when choosing which clothes to wear and talking about which materials everyday objects are made from and why.  Children will also ask ‘What’s the matter?’ from a social and emotional point of view, thinking about how they can solve problems.

Life forces  is our big topic for the new year (lasting eight weeks).
Life is all around us, in plants and animals, and comes in all shapes and sizes – it’s amazing! In this biology-based topic, we find out how our body works, what all living things have in common and the differences we might notice. Amongst other things, we’ll think about why animals choose particular habitats, and why a healthy diet is important and how drugs can be dangerous. Help your child at home by naming body parts, including the parts inside that you can’t see, discussing why you breathe hard after exercise and what plants you can see when you’re out and about.