The Magic Paintbrush

Friday 09 February 2024

This week, our focus book was The Magic Paintbrush.

We began by listening to the story for enjoyment. After becoming familiar with the story, we were then able to discuss the main events and characters.

The children then explored what they would do if they had a magic paintbrush.


After reading, we also learnt about the Lunar New year and how it is celebrated.


They put up lanterns. Libby

They have fireworks. Violet

They have a new animal every year. Austin

Special dinner. Melissa

They clean the house. Sienna


Stay and Learn

On Tuesday, it was great to welcome adults into the classroom to share different ways to develop our fine motor skills.

Lots of activities can be done with items you already have a home!



During our lessons, we have explored weight using lots objects made from different materials and of various sizes.

We have focused on using mathematical vocabulary to compare different items.

heavy   heavier   heaviest

light   lighter   lightest


Poetry Picnic

Each week, we will be learning a new poem. We will recite this poem each day. By saying the poem out loud we can focus on the sounds and rhythm of each word or line. This week’s poem is Mrs Bluebird.

Listen and watch here.


We use the chunking method to read words with more that one syllable. We have also spotted words containing double letters (e.g. rabbit) – these are diagraphs too!

Ask your child to chunk and read these words.

sunset    chicken   carpet   carrot   

Your child will have come home with a grapheme mat and a tricky word mat. If any sounds are highlighted on the grapheme mat, these are those that your child is not yet secure on. Please keep practising these at home.

Tricky words can be just that-tricky! In Little Wandle phase 3, we learnt lots of new words. The children will continue to learn new tricky words fairly rapidly over the Spring 2 and Summer terms. We’ve previously introduced a few fun games you can play at home to practice tricky words. Here’s another you could try!

Musical tricky words

  1. Write the tricky words on individual pieces of paper, lay them out on the floor
  2. Play your child’s favourite song for them to dance around to
  3. When the music stops, your child should pick a word to quickly run to and stand on
  4. Your child reads the word they have landed on
  5. Remove that word and repeat until there are no words left!


Internet Safety

On internet safety day and throughout the week, the children have discussed ways they use the internet and how to stay safe online.

Here is a link you may find useful to help and support staying safe online.


More learning