Friday 09 June 2023

Children returned to Nursery happily on Monday and enjoyed telling us  about their holiday adventures. Thank you to everyone that emailed us a half term holiday photograph; children shared them with their friends at snack time and told us about their walks, bike rides and days out.

As children told us about their holidays, we ended up talking about different types of transport, including trains, boats and planes.  During story times, we’ve enjoyed hearing about the adventures of ‘The Little Red Train‘ and watching a song about a magic train ride.

Children loved using the remote controlled cars this week and were able to move them backwards and forwards between the train station and garage.

In maths, we’re learning about night and day and will be moving on to ordering key events in our daily routines next week.

Help at home: Talk to your child about day and night time. What activities do people do in the day and at night?   What do they do in the morning/afternoon/evening?