Welcome Back!

Tuesday 03 January 2023

Hopefully both parents and children feel rested and ready to start a new year. What a half term we have coming up.

Our main topic focus will be geography this half term. As geographers we will be exploring the environment and natural disaters. In this topic, we’ll look at the effects of global warming and discuss the use of fossil fuels and renewable energy. We’ll be using digital resources to look at how erosion has taken place over the last 100 years and how sea defences, such as groynes, help to minimise the effects.

In science we’ll be venturing further afield (not literally) into space as we explore the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon. We’ll resreach how opinions about space have changed over the years.

Our Living and Learning theme this half term is being safe. In the next two weeks, we’ll be discussing some influences associated with drugs and alcohol.

At home,  continue to discuss our topics and perhaps carry out some reaseach for yourself. Keep an eye out for our moon study homework in the next few days.