01 December 2017

Friday 01 December 2017

Homework this week is Practice makes Perfect. In Year 6, we’ve been learning about fractions, and in Year 5, we’ve been learning about area and perimeter. This homework will help your child practise what they have been learning in class. Please complete the worksheet in your book.

Our times tables focus will be the 4 and the 8 times table (up to 12 x) and including division facts.

Practise counting forwards, backwards, starting from zero and then starting from a multiple, and don’t forget the traditional way to support your child: a couple of mock tests to see how well your child knows their tables! Make the link between the two tables: x8 is double x4. For example, 6 x 4 = 24 and so 6 x 8 will be double that – 48.