30 Active Minutes

Wednesday 21 February 2018

A huge well done to the first group of children who achieved their bronze wristbands as part of the 30:30 challenge. As well as improving our fitness levels, this also has an impact on self-esteem and self-image (our Living and Learning focus this half term). It’s been proven that children who are physically active throughout the day are happier and more confident.  So, aiming for 60 active minutes is great for physical and mental health.

Their photos are on our podium display just inside school.

They will now progress on to the silver challenge. If you didn’t complete the bronze challenge, it’s not too late. Spare copies of the recording sheets can be collected from the office. To help achieve the 30 active minutes at home you could check out the new site that the BBC have launched, called Super Movers, that combines learning and exercise.