08 September 2017

Friday 08 September 2017

Our Talk Time homework is in preparation for next week’s Living and Learning statements which are:

Ask your child how they show their teacher they are ready to learn and how they respond to feedback. Why does the teacher need to see they are ready to learn? How would it affect the lesson if everyone is not ready to learn? How do they respond to feedback? When?

Your child could teach you a new skill. For example: bottle flipping, football skill, drawing a favourite character, a playground game, skipping game. While learning the new skill, your child will be giving you feedback to improve.

In class, we’ll discuss the feedback your child has given and how it affected the learning progress.


Our times tables focus will be the 3 times table (up to 12 x 3 and including division facts) – an easy one to begin with! Practise counting forwards, backwards, starting from zero and then starting from a multiple, and don’t forget the traditional way to support your child: a couple of mock tests to see how well your child knows their tables!