Year 5 & 6 Class News

Relationship and sex education

Posted on Tuesday 18 June 2024 by Mrs Hogarth

Year 5 have begun their learning on RSE this week. These are really useful, purposeful lessons in which the children learn about the changes they will go through during puberty. We begin by setting some really clear rules to create a safe, respectful place in which all the children feel comfortable. The sessions this week have covered the biological terms for the female and male body parts and then we moved onto learning about puberty. We talked about the changes girls and boys will go through physically and emotionally.

Help at home: Ask your child about their RSE learning. What can they recall? Do they have any questions?

Water Safety

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2024 by Oli Wain

This morning, we in Y6 had a visitor who came in to talk to us all about water safety.

We covered lots of different important subjects during the morning:

  • water safety (this included how to be safe in and around bodies of water)
  • dangers of open water (what dangers may we encounter whilst in or around open water and what we can do to avoid these)
  • how to say safe (the water safety code)
  • land based rescue

    After a short break, our Y6s then learnt all about:

  • dealing with emergency (what to do in an emergency, how to help someone, which numbers to call)
  • unconsciousness (checking for danger,  recovery position including how to get check their breathing and get them into the recovery position)

Well done, Y6!

Design and technology: running and back stitch

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay

Children have been sharpening their sewing skills. They all expertly threaded their needles and remembered the running stitch from year 3/4. They learned how to create a continuous stitch by using the back stitch.

At home: have a go at mending that missing button; sew up that hole in the cushion; or just practise sewing in a straight line.  

More photos from Robin Wood

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay

Fantastic Football!

Posted on Saturday 08 June 2024 by Mrs Hogarth

Well, what a day!

Today it was Boston Spa Football Gala and Mr Catherall and myself took some year 5’s and 6’s to try our luck in the football tournament. We had a boys team and a mixed team. The boys fought hard against some really strong teams and tried their best. The mixed team were on fire today and walked away being gala winners and are now the proud winners of a very big, shiny trophy! They worked amazingly as a team, great communication between all the girls and boys and even though they were exhausted, they tried their best to the bitter end! Lily was an amazing goalkeeper and did some amazing saves! Elisa, Thomas and Jeevan scored the winning goals in the final. Thomas was ‘Man of the Match’ – well done! Thank you to all the parents who supported us today – we couldn’t have done it without you!

I will polish the trophy ready for school on Monday! Well done to all the players today – you made us very proud and represented our school fantastically.

More From Day Three at Robin Wood

Posted on Friday 07 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay


Day Three at Robin Wood

Posted on Friday 07 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay

Day 2 in the Robinwood House!

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mrs Hogarth

More Fun from Day Two at Robin Wood

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay

Robin Wood Meets Robin Hood

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mr Lindsay