Year 5 & 6 Class News

What a Week!

Posted on Monday 18 July 2022 by Mr Freeman

What a week it was for Year 5/6 last week. Filled with happy, hard-working pupils and very proud parents and teachers, the week was a huge success for all.

The 5/6 production finally came round and the performances were nothing short of excellent. Thanks to all the parents and adults for coming to watch, support the children and for buying our leaflets to raise money for the school – it is very much appreciated by all involved. The hard work of the children was rewarded with a standing ovation from all the adults and teachers on the final night of the show!

To end the week, the Key stage two disco took place on Friday night. All pupils behaved fantastically well and were great role models for our school. There were some fantastic dance moves on show (I think the sugar rush from the tuck shop helped!).

All in all, a brilliant penultimate week – well done to everyone involved!

Scholes in Bloom – winning design

Posted on Wednesday 13 July 2022 by Mrs Latham

A group of children went out to meet the Britain in Bloom judges today. The winning designer of the Scholes in Bloom competition was there and everyone admired the planted design in the flowerbed outside school. It looks fabulous!

Living and learning: I understand some drugs are harmful

Posted on Tuesday 12 July 2022 by Mrs Hogarth

What is a drug? This is the question that year 5/6 have been considering this week. We have discussed all types of drugs – illegal and legal – this includes over-the-counter and prescription medicines. We have talked about the effects drugs have on you and the risks that they can cause. The children then looked at different scenarios that included drugs such as caffeine or alcohol and they had to discuss if they put a person at low, medium or high risk.

Sports day – KS2 Competitive

Posted on Monday 11 July 2022 by Mrs Latham

The key stage 2 children in years 3, 4 5 and 6 enjoyed a lovely sunny sports day last week after a break since 2019 because of the pandemic. There was some very competitive races but also lots of support for everyone for joining in too. Thank you to all the families and friends who came. The adult races at the end were particularly entertaining!

Sports Roundabout

Posted on Monday 04 July 2022 by Mrs Latham

We had a successful Sports Roundabout this afternoon after a break since 2019, due to the pandemic. All the children enjoyed collecting points for their team and showed great teamwork and support for each other. Thank you to all the families who came to show their support too. The points are listed below.

1st Northern Ireland 507 points

2nd Iceland 518 points

3rd Germany 502 points

4th Portugal 493 points

5th Sweden 483 points

6th Italy 477 points

7th Belgium 454 points

8th Spain 394 points

9th Netherlands 379 points

10th Norway 366 points

11th France 360 points

12th England 346 points

Skipping School

Posted on Wednesday 29 June 2022 by Mrs Latham

We had a fabulous time with Jodi and Katie from Skipping School this week. Promoting fitness through fun is always high on our agenda and skipping is the perfect way to do this. We are committed to promote the NHS recommendations that children and young people aged 5 to 18 should:
  • aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous intensity physical activity a day across the week
  • take part in a variety of types and intensities of physical activity across the week to develop movement skills, muscles and bones
If you would like a skipping rope, we have some for sale in the office. 

Triathlon – winning team announced!

Posted on Thursday 23 June 2022 by Mrs Latham

The red team were the winners for our inaugural Scholes Triathlon event, organised by FOSP. All the children reported enjoying the event and it raised over £250 for FOSP. All funds go back into school and providing extra enhancements for the children, so thank you to everyone who contributed!

Living and learning: RSE

Posted on Thursday 23 June 2022 by Mrs Hogarth

Year 5/6 have been enjoying our recent RSE learning – this is relationships and sex education. It’s really important that during these sessions the children demonstrate maturity and a willingness to learn – they have definitely lived up to this expectation. The first couple of sessions focused on vocabulary – making sure the children understood the anatomical names for the body parts. This links well with their science learning also. We reminded the children about the NSPCC PANTS campaign that promotes the fact that privates are private, always remember your body belongs to you,  no means no, talk about things that might upset you and speak up, someone can help. The children have shown great respect and empathy during these sessions.


Posted on Wednesday 15 June 2022 by Mrs Hogarth

It was our opportunity to take part in the FOSP triathlon yesterday, on a very hot day! The children were split into three different teams – red, white and blue. Children that had brought bikes to school, cycled around the track, whilst others ran. The children competed to complete as many laps as possible. We will find out the winning team later in the week.

Super sewing!

Posted on Tuesday 14 June 2022 by Mrs Hogarth

We have been brushing up on our sewing skills today. As part of our design technology unit, we will be designing and sewing cushions.  Our first job was to master threading a needle and securing a knot at the end ready for stitching – this ensures the thread doesn’t pull through the fabric. This took quite a long time and the children were excellent at helping each other. They watched a demonstration of how to do running stitch and back stitch and created their own stitching on binca. The children who took to this like a duck to water were able to challenge themselves by stitching a shape, a pattern or even their initials.