Creative Curriculum – toasting marshmallows on a camp fire!

Thursday 22 November 2018

To round off our Time Travel topic in style, we had a camp fire this afternoon! When we were learning about how people lived in the Stone Age, we found out that they cooked on a fire. Although we weren’t eating reindeer or wild boar that we had caught, toasting marshmallows (or pieces of bread if you didn’t like marshmallows), gave us the feel of what it might’ve been like!

We also talked about how toasting marshmallows was a scientific experiment – demonstrating irreversible changes.

Perhaps the most important part though, were our safeguarding discussions about fire safety, what to do in a fire drill and how to stay safe near fire.

A big THANK YOU to Andy Webb (AW2 Developments) who made the amazing outdoor benches we are sitting on too!

Also, thank you to everyone who sent in marshmallows and skewers.