Home Link – Minibeasts

Sunday 03 June 2018

Over the last few weeks, children have loved ‘bug hunting’ in the garden so we will begin this half term learning about different minibeasts. We’ll also be looking out for any new interests, so please let us know if your child developed a fascination in anything new over the holidays.

Here are some activities that you could do…

  •   Look for minibeasts in your garden. What can you find? Where do they live?
  •  Talk about your child’s favourite bug. What would they like to learn more about?
  •   Look in non-fiction books to find out some facts about insects.
  • Sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ together.
  • Read a story about a minibeast e.g. The BadTempered Ladybird or The Very Busy Spider. If you have a favourite, please bring it in to nursery for us to share.
  • Solve some number puzzles together. Eg. If there are 6 ladybirds on a leaf and 2 fly away. How many will be left? You could use fingers or get children to draw a picture to help work it out.