Keeping bugs and germs at bay!

Thursday 23 November 2017

This week the children have enjoyed our mini topic about germs, hygiene and keeping bugs at bay!

Throughout the week the children have been involved in various activities which aimed to explore and promote discussions about staying healthy.

We talked about the importance of washing our hands with soap and water.  The children put their hands in the glitter (to represent the germs) and had to wash their hands with soap and water to get rid of the ‘germs’. This was a great way to learn how important it is to take our time when washing our hands.

The children have also enjoyed cleaning the ‘dinosaur’s teeth’. This promoted a lot of discussion around why it is important to brush your teeth.

Mrs Myers did a Science experiment with the children to show how important hand washing is. The children made 6 different test pots and at the end of the week we shall see which one has grown the most germs.

Ask your child what each pot contains!

We asked the children where germs are found and they replied with lots of different answers.