Let the festivities commence!

Sunday 03 December 2017

It’s the first of December so that means Nursery will have a very festive feel for the next few weeks. We embrace all beliefs and religions and as such, enhance our areas of provision with many different elements associated with Christmas. From snowmen to Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeers and the story of the Nativity. The children have been very engaged in general ‘counting’ activities this week. They’ve been using their developing number skills to count out a selection of objects from a larger group and use vocabulary including ‘more’ and ‘the same’ to say what they have. There has been lots of creativity as we began to make our lovely Christmas cards and salt dough stars for the forthcoming ‘stay and decorate’ sessions.


We’ve been practising our Christmas songs and took our ‘rehearsal’ into the hall for the first time on Thursday. Although the stage has not yet gone up, it was certainly exciting to be singing together with F2!

We still love working together to complete jigsaws! If you have any unwanted jigsaws at home, please send them in. They’re great for promoting team work, conversation and taking turns.

The story ‘Laura’s star’ gave us with lots of opportunities to talk about our feelings and the things that are ‘special’ to us. One very caring child said: “I would look after the broken star because it was sad and lonely”. They then went to the creative area and put a ‘bandage’ around a cardboard star decorated with lots of sparkles to make it feel better!

What we are learning this week

We’ll be sharing the Nativity story in key worker sessions and using the small world area to retell the story with our friends. In the home corner, we’ll patiently be counting down the days to Christmas using the advent calendar and decorating the Christmas tree with lots of baubles and tinsel.

The construction area will become a hive of activity as we take on the roles of ‘Santa’s helpers’ to make and wrap presents in the Elves workshop. Prepare to receive some very well wrapped and decorated ‘presents’ at the end of each day!

Our dress rehearsal takes place on Thursday where we’ll be watched by a small audience comprised of siblings from other classes in school. The children will be dressed in their costumes as we make any last minute adjustments before we perform to our families! We look forward to welcoming parents and carers to the ‘Stay and Decorate’ sessions where there will be lots of Christmas craft activities for you to do with your child. Please ensure you have returned the slip so we know how many people to expect on each day!