People who help us…nurse visit!

Thursday 08 March 2018

This week we had some special visitors in F2.

As part of our ‘people who help us’ topic, Ruth and Sarah (a hospital nurse and a community nurse) came to visit us. They spoke to the children about how they care for people at home and in hospital.

They asked the children what the role of a nurse is?

They brought some of their equipment (stethoscope, bandages, heartbeat monitor) to show the children. They showed the children a stethoscope and explained how they use it to listen to a person’s heartbeat and their breathing. They modelled how to dress a wound using a bandage. The children talked about their experiences of bandages:

We’d like to say a big thank you to Ruth and Sarah for coming in to see us. We’d love to have more visitors to talk about their job and how they help others. Please speak to a member of the F2 team if you are interested.