Friday 19 October 2018

Children have loved exploring the pumpkins this week; we’ve rolled pumpkins, weighed pumpkins, drawn and painted on pumpkins, made pumpkins in the playdough and explored patterns on pumpkins in the maths area. At the end of the week, we especially enjoyed cutting them open to explore their slippery, slimy contents. What a lot of pumpkin-themed learning!


Thank you to everyone who completed our ‘Autumn bag’ Homelink activity. Children enjoyed sharing the contents of their bags with their friends during group time.  This is a great way to encourage children to speak in front of their peers and to build their confidence. Children love to talk about things that they have done at home with friends and family and they especially like to show items that they have found.

If you’d like to do something creative at home over half-term, we’re sure that children would love to have a go at making a pumpkin bowl. They’d love tearing up the paper (which is good for developing finger strength) and getting messy joining in with the papier mache part of this art project. Some parts are trickier and would need an adult to help. 

There’s a fun CBeebies ‘Peter Rabbit and the Giant Pumpkin’ story available to read on the Storytime app too.