The Bee Musical

Thursday 29 March 2018

This week, we’ve enjoyed two fantastic performances of our Bee Musical production. We’re sure you’ll agree the children have done a great job and we’re very proud of their performances. Every child tried their best and learnt songs, dances and lines.

Thank you for coming to watch the children. We hope you enjoyed the show.

Thank you for your donations to our school charity: The Donkey Sanctuary.

After a busy term in Year 3 and 4, it’s time now to enjoy the Easter holiday with family and friends. See you back at school on 16 April 2018!

The Guard Bees did a great job protecting the Queen Bee.

Well done to some of the big stars of the show: Grumble Bee, The Tumble bees, The Jumble Bees, Mr MouseMr and Mrs Waxworth, Dennis and Business Bee.  

The ‘Bee Team’

The ‘Drone Bees’

The Farmer Bees and Little Bees.

The Narrators and Newsreader learnt some very long lines and read them perfectly. Well done!

The Townspeople came up with some great ideas to solve the bee crisis.

The Nectar Team and Flowers wowed everyone with their dancing! Well done!