The Dogs Trust

Friday 07 February 2020

The School Council have voted for the Dogs Trust to be the schools chosen charity. Today, we went to a special assembly from the Dogs Trust. We all sat and listened very well in the hall. We were told some ways to keep safe when we are around dogs. For example, how to play fetch, how to feed a dog and how its important not to enter a kennel when the dog is sleeping. We also learnt how they train a dog to sit.

We also talked about ways to show a dog we love them. The children came up with lots of ideas.

“We can stroke them.”

“We can play with them.”

“We can take them for a walk.”

“We can give them treats.”

Home-link – 3 challenge cubes

Can your child tell you how to keep safe around dogs?

Please email quotes from your child. This will support us in our assessment by providing evidence towards the Understanding the World, Health and Self-Care and Communication and Language strands of the EYFS.