Nursery Class News

Have a great holiday!

Posted on Friday 22 July 2022 by Nursery Team

We say it every year, but where did this year go? Time flies! We had a great final week in Nursery, eating ice-creams, dancing in the bubbles and paddling our feet to help keep us cool!

We’d like to say thank you to everyone for your kind words, cards and end of year gifts. It’s been lovely to watch your children learn and grow this year and we know that they’ll have a great time in Reception.

Have a fantastic summer holiday.

Nursery team

Scholes in Bloom – winning design

Posted on Wednesday 13 July 2022 by Mrs Latham

A group of children went out to meet the Britain in Bloom judges today. The winning designer of the Scholes in Bloom competition was there and everyone admired the planted design in the flowerbed outside school. It looks fabulous!

Fun outdoors

Posted on Friday 08 July 2022 by Nursery Team

This week, we began to make our own pirate ship using a large cardboard box. We’ve painted it and have made a flag; it’s almost ready to set sail!

Outside, children have enjoyed using the equipment to play throwing and catching games. They’ve also continued to develop their balancing skills on our obstacle course.

We also made our own shelter using clippings from a very overgrown tree in the Nursery garden. Children loved helping to weave the branches through the string and bamboo sticks.

Planes, boats and pirates!

Posted on Thursday 30 June 2022 by Nursery Team

Children are loving the new pirate themed enhancements in Nursery this week. We’ve been talking about boats, investigating floating and sinking and drawing pirate maps to hunt for hidden treasure.

In the dough area, we’ve been practising some of our dough disco moves; we pushed our thumbs into the dough to make ‘thumb pot’ boats.

In the Sunshine room, we’ve been making dens and toasting marshmallows in our new camping role play area.

Outside, we spotted some ladybird lavae on our willow tree; we even saw one that was beginning to pupate. We’re going to keep checking it regularly to watch what happens next.




Posted on Friday 17 June 2022 by Nursery Team

Our current ‘transport’ theme is very popular and has inspired lots of role play this week. We’ve been on bus and train rides and floated across the sea in our box boats!


Children enjoyed having using the stencils in the mark making area. It was quite tricky to carefully trace the pen around the edge of the stencil, but they persevered.

In the book corner, we’ve listened to lots of stories about The Little Red Train and we looked closely at the detailed illustrations. We talked about the different places that the Duffy driver visited. Was it the city, countryside or seaside?  How did they know?

Outside, children made ramps for the cars, talked about visits to the fair in the small world fairground and made mud ‘chocolate’ cakes. Yum!

A highlight at the end of the week was most definitely watching children enjoy some very messy play!



Posted on Friday 10 June 2022 by Nursery Team

We can’t believe that we’re now entering our final half term of this academic year!  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be learning about different types of transport. We’ll be looking at whether something travels by land on a track or the road, or if it travels by air or sea.

To start our transport theme, this week, we’ve listened to some stories from ‘The Little Red Train’ series of books. Children enjoyed hearing about Duffy Driver and his adventures on The Little Red Train.

In group time, our maths focus has been talking about our daily activities and using words to describe when things happen such as during the day, night or in the morning or afternoon. We looked at our daily routines and tried to sequence the events.  Try to use some of this language at home, too.  What happens in your house in the morning? What do you do as part of your bedtime routine? What comes first, next, last?  What day is it today? Do you go to Nursery tomorrow? 

In phonics, we’re learning to orally blend words. We’ll be doing lots of ‘sound talking’ over this half term to give children plenty of opportunities to develop their oral blending before they move into Reception.  For example, when giving instructions, we may segment the last word into separate phonemes and then immediately blend the sounds together to say the word (e.g. It’s time to get your c-oa-t, coat!). Have a go at home. Whilst setting the table, you could say…Can you put the c-u-p, cup on the table, please. Where is the f-or-k, fork?  To begin with, try to keep it  simple, with one syllable words.

Outside, children were amazed at how much our plants have grown in the vegetable planter over the holidays. We could even see some radishes poking out of the soil. Children enjoyed picking the biggest ones and we washed them to eat at snack time. There were very mixed reactions; some children loved the ‘crunch’ of the radishes and others weren’t too keen on the flavour! Well done, Nursery. It’s always good to try something new – especially when you have grown it yourself!

Next week, we’ll be looking at different types of vehicles with wheels. If you, or any of your family, have any toy cars, trucks, monster trucks etc. that you no longer use at home, Nursery would be grateful for any donations. Thank you.


  • Our Nursery registration closes at 9.10am. Please ensure that you arrive to Nursery between 9-9.10am to allow us to begin our learning activities on time. Thank you.
  • Please send your child with a rain coat to Nursery everyday; the weather is very changeable at the moment.
  • We have lots of water bottles that don’t have children’s names on – remember to check that your child’s hasn’t worn off. You may also want to check cardigans and jumpers, too.

Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Posted on Friday 27 May 2022 by Mrs Latham

We had a fun-filled day today. All the children and staff shared a picnic lunch on the field, listening to some 50s music. We then all congregated on the field again, sang the national anthem and each class showcased a Wake Up Shake Up (WUSU) dance through the decades that the Queen has been on the throne. We went from 1950s (Mambo No 5/Lou Bega) all the way to 2020s (Blinding Lights/The Weeknd). It was so much fun! We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy half term.

Jubilee celebrations

Posted on Friday 27 May 2022 by Nursery Team

This week, as well as learning about minibeasts and butterflies, we’ve also talked about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We counted jewels, made crowns and listened to a funny story all about the Queen’s knickers!  In the sensory area, we had great fun icing cakes for a Royal tea party.

Here are a few photos of some of the activities we enjoyed as part of our Jubilee celebrations.

We hope that you have a great half term holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday 06 June.


Posted on Wednesday 25 May 2022 by Nursery Team

We had a lovely surprise on Monday morning when we returned to Nursery; we had a butterfly that had emerged from its chrysalis.  There was a lot of interest in the butterfly house; we talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and what we needed to do next to look after the butterflies.  Children helped to feed the butterflies with some strawberries and left over fruit from snack time.


Children noticed the beautiful pattern on the wings of the butterflies and we talked about their symmetry.  In the creative area, children had a go at creating their own butterflies. We folded our paper in half and pressed down to make a print. It was the same on both sides!

We’re waiting for a sunny day to release the butterflies into our garden. Watch this space!

Animal ranger visit

Posted on Wednesday 25 May 2022 by Nursery Team

On Tuesday morning, we had a very special visitor to Nursery. In fact, we had lots of little visitors, too!  Children were very excited to find out what was hiding underneath all of the covers that the animal ranger, Amy, had brought.

We were very proud of how well Nursery behaved; they sat still and very quietly so that they didn’t scare all of the creatures. Children listened really carefully and found out lots of fascinating facts about millipedes, bearded dragons and giant African land snails.

At the end, Amy brought a snake to show us. Some children were a little bit wary of touching it but once they’d seen some of their friends have a turn, they were brave and stroked it, too.  A couple of children were chosen to hold it- well done!

Thank you for all of your contributions towards the cost of our animal visitors.